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(Pocket-lint) - Google has introduced an update to Google Fit. The upgrade brings a new home screen showcasing health and sleep tracking-related data.

You can now easily see key information like weekly goals, recent workouts, heart rate, and weight from the moment you open the app. The new software update, for both the Android and iOS versions of Google Fit, will start rolling out from mid-November 2020 to all users.

Google is also adding new tiles - for workouts, weather, and breathing exercises - to the Wear OS smartwatch app. Google said Wear OS devices and compatible smart home accessories (like the Fossil Gen 5E, Oura Ring, and Withings sleep tracking mat) can now sync sleep data with the Fit app. That should make it easier to track nightly activity and sleep stages. This sleep tracking feature also lets you create goals for bedtime schedules.

The new Wear OS tiles should also make it a breeze to check the weather, start guided breathing sessions, and launch recent workouts through shortcuts. Finally, Google said you’ll be able to send data like stats, routes, and photos from Google Fit through social media or messaging apps.

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Keep in mind, last April, Google gave its Fit platform a total refresh, which included a redesign to refocus your attention on a different goal. (Namely: steps.) This came about roughly six months after Google added sleep tracking. You can learn more about this redesign, which is in line with the new update, here.

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published on 18 November 2020.