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(Pocket-lint) - Google appears to be testing changes to Google Discover which will make it easier to mark your favourite content and see more in future. 

Some users are noting the appearance of a new heart icon within the content cards within Google Discover. These hearts seemingly allow you to just tap the icon as a mark of approval for the accompanying content. Thereby improving future recommendations from Google. 

If you aren't aware already, Google Discover is the recommended content you'll find within the Google app on your mobile or within your browser on your tablet or Android phone. The content there is based on your history and can be customised in different ways to recommend content in future that will fit your interests

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You can already adjust these in various ways. Click the settings cog, for example, and you can access a menu where you can manage your interests, follow topics you're interested in and manage your previous activity within Discover. It's also possible to click the three dots icon next to content cards and tell Google that you're not interested in the subject matter of that article or the publisher. 

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In future, it seems this will be a lot easier when you can just click a heart for the content you approve of and thereby improve what the system shows you. Just remember to click the heart for Pocket-lint! 

Writing by Adrian Willings.
  • Via: Google Discover starts rolling out heart button for adjusting feed preferences - androidpolice.com
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