(Pocket-lint) - Google is pushing out a new version of Google Photos, boosting the editing functions that live in the app, meaning you can make your shots look even better.

There have been editing options in Google Photos for some time, allowing some fairly detailed adjustments to images. The new Google Photos app will boost editing potential, but you won't have to do it all manually - it will make a number of suggestions for you.

This will expands on Google's existing suggestion system, and uses machine learning to identify the type of photo you've taken and make it better. From what Google says, everyone will benefit, but Pixel devices will get a little more to boost portraits, landscapes and sunsets.

The suggested changes can also be broken down so you can see what was changed, meaning you can tweak or then do it manually in future, rather than it just being a new static image.

For those who like to tweak manually, there's going to be more options for granular editing too, with the new user interface making these things easier to find and moving on from the mass of drop-down menus in the current option.

Google is also adding in Portrait Light. This is a feature for the new Pixel 4a 5G and the Pixel 5, allowing you to adjust the lighting for portrait photos - rather like the system that the iPhone has offered for a number of years.

The great thing is that the AI driving this option can be applied both to photos taken in portrait mode, and normal portraits not taken in a specific portrait mode. That means you'll be able to apply to existing selfies you've had to make them better.

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The new Google Photos app will be rolling out to Android users - it looks like Pixel users will get some additional options, but as we've seen in the past, often these things level out over time.

Writing by Chris Hall.