(Pocket-lint) - Google will roll out a new workday routine for Google Assistant this week, designed to help you while working from home.

Available through the settings on Android and iOS, the routine will remind you of different tasks to perform each day, including calendar event notifications or even just advising you to take a break from your desk.

It comes pre-configured, but can also be customised to better suit your working practices.

It can also work with Google Assistant devices, such as Nest Home and Sonos One speakers, informing you when it might be an idea to go for a walk, or grab a drink. It can even tell you when it's almost the end of the working day, to give you a chance to wrap things up.

The routine will also regularly give you time updates, so you can keep ahead of upcoming meetings and other events in your calendar.

It is available in English initially and its time blocks are easy to adjust to suit your preferences.

One event you might want to ask Google Assistant to remind you of is the company's Launch Night In virtual keynote taking place on Wednesday 30 September. You can find out what time it starts, what to expect and how to watch it right here.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.