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(Pocket-lint) - Waze has announced a range of new features coming to the popular navigation app for smartphones. The new features were announced at Waze's first virtual event, called Waze On.

The new features are basically divided into "at home" features and "on the go" features, with some designed to assist you before you start driving and others to help once you're underway.

A new addition is trip suggestions. This offers up suggestions that are personalised based on recent activity and include a summary of the details you need to know, like how long a trip is going to take. It's essentially doing the planning so you don't have to.

It's closely related to recent locations. There's a "recent" tab in the current version of Waze, but instead you'll get recent locations offered as soon as you open the app. Again, it's designed to put those routine trips right in your eyeline as soon as you get going.

There will also be new notifications to alert you to a traffic build-up on a route that you'll be driving, so you can be aware of that and change your plans accordingly. This taps into your regular routes so you means that you're aware of delays in advance rather than went you're in the car and it's too late.

These features will be rolling out to Wazers in October 2020, joining recent additions like App to Map. Those in France, Spain and Portugal will also get Google Assistant integration, for native support within the app.

Lane guidance will also be rolling out, meaning that as you approach a junction you'll have a better idea of where you're supposed to be on the road.

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To keep you entertained on the road, it has also been confirmed that Amazon Music is coming to Waze. With integration into the app, you'll be able to seamlessly control it just as you can with Spotify. At the moment it hasn't been confirmed exactly when Amazon Music will be in place, but it's expected within the coming months.

Writing by Chris Hall.