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(Pocket-lint) - Google is once again tweaking the way search works to make it more personal to you based on your previous searches and interests. 

The company rolled out Activity Cards to mobile search back in January 2019. At the time, the intention was to make it easier to revisit previous searches and discover new related information based on your search history. Now, this system is being expanded and improved for specific searches. 

If you're shopping, looking for a job or researching a recipe then you should find some new features in search results that'll make your life easier. 

Shopping for headphones, for example, the search results will now show you products you've been looking at alongside related articles and features you've read recently on the best headphones to buy. 

GoogleSearching Google for jobs, recipes and products will soon be more personalised photo 1

The idea here to make it easier for you to see the products you're already interested in and compare with similar ones quickly and easily too. You should then be able to make a more informed decision and have less chance of post-purchase regret. 

Similarly, Google is attempting to make it easier for you to find new career opportunities too.

The improved job activity card is designed to help you keep track of roles you've already seen, discover new job listings and apply for the right role too. 

Recipe searches you make regularly will also be enhanced with activity cards based on your search activity and related recipes will appear to help you discover more. 

Get searching!

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Writing by Adrian Willings.