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(Pocket-lint) - Google has quietly launched Shoploop - a video shopping platform that's designed to streamline your online shopping experience.

Imagine a world where TikTok was designed just to sell products online with the help of influencers and an optimised shopping process. That's what you're essentially getting with Shoploop.

Google is pitching it as "an entertaining new way to shop online" but the real idea is to give you one single place to discover, research and buy. 

The idea for Shoploop came about when users were seen going through multiple steps before making an online purchase. Checking out social media, researching reviews on YouTube then hunting around for an e-commerce site to buy.

Google thinks it would be a better experience if all those things were in one place. 

At the moment, Shoploop is mainly focussing on "categories such as makeup, skincare, hair and nails." and the content creators, publishers and online retail sites in that space. You can get an idea of what Google is planning here though.

Product videos that are short and snappy (under 90 seconds) from trusted content creators who have knowledge about the product and are willing to share. Shoppers can then follow those creators and do simple things like save the product for later or go straight to an e-commerce site to buy. 

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Google's idea is not unique. Amazon has something similar on its site in the form of Amazon Live. Facebook may well be working on something as well. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.