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(Pocket-lint) - Google has launched a redesigned Google Photos.

The new version of the app is more focused on helping you revisit old photos. The company said the service has become more than just an app for managing photos and videos. Over the past few years, it's seen people using it when they "feel nostalgic and want to reminisce". It’s become "the home for your life’s memories", Google said. So, it's pivoting the app to be all about memories.

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What's new with Google Photos?

The app's interface has been upgraded. Photos and videos are now more prominent, complete with larger thumbnails, auto-playing videos, and less white space. Search is also front-and-center in the navigation bar at the bottom, which also now shows just three tabs:

  • Photos: All your photos and videos. At the top, there is a Memories carousel.
  • Search: Find people, places, and things. You’ll also see a new map view.
  • Library: Access your library, Albums, Favorites, Trash, Archive, and Print Store.
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How is Google focusing on Memories?

Last autumn, Google introduced a Memories feature to help you revisit photos taken years ago. More than 120 million people are viewing Memories every month, Google revealed. So, it's adding more types of Memories into the Memories carousel in the Photos tab. Examples of new memories may include "pics of you and your closest friends" and "family over the years" and even "highlights from last week".

Google is also moving automatic creations - like movies, collages, and animations - from the now-expired For you tab and into Memories.

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How does Google Photos' map view work?

As part of the new Search tab, you’ll see a map view of your photos and videos.

Google said a map view has been one of the most-requested features since it launched Google Photos more than five years ago. With the new feature, Google said you can "pinch and zoom around the globe to explore photos of your travels, see where you’ve taken the most photos around your hometown, or find that one photo from somewhere on your road trip across the country."

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You have to enable location from your device camera, Location History, or manually add locations. Then, any past photos with location data and any new ones will be automatically organised and searchable by place in Google Photos. 

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Is that it?

Nope. The app's icon got a refresh. "We originally designed the Google Photos icon after a pinwheel, as a nod to childhood and nostalgia," Google explained. "Today, we're refreshing and simplifying the icon, while retaining that familiar pinwheel shape to remind you of past memories."

When will you get the new Google Photos?

The new Google Photos is rolling out over the next week - or throughout the end of June 2020 - on Android and iOS. It'll be an over-the-air update, so just ensure you're running the latest version of the app on your mobile device. 

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Editing by Chris Hall.