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(Pocket-lint) - Google looks like it's trying out some new features for Google Maps, which users could start to see any time now, according to newly-leaked images from the app's test environment. 

Jane Manchun Wong is a practiced hand at uncovering features of all manner of apps and services while they're still in the testing phase, and her latest trove shows off a host of new options that could come to Google Maps. 

One of the first of these is a new option to give users a bit more control over how Maps constructs a route for them when mapping a trail out to a destination. While you've long been able to choose what manner of transport you want to take, Google's recognising that for many people there could be two legs to a journey. 

Hence it might be adding an option to let users be more precise on how they'd get to a public transit system to take the rest of the journey - so you might take a bus or municipal bike from your house to the nearest subway station, for example. The more options, the better, we'd say. 

That's not the end of the potential upgrades, either. Wong has also showed off screens indicating that Google's working on tighter integration with Uber to make sure that ride-hailing fare indications are more accurate, a new version of locations' cards that has pictures integrated further into results, and better use of local bike-hiring systems to ensure that all biking options are represented. 

That means the likes of London or San Francisco's city bikes are better shown off in journey planning. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.