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(Pocket-lint) - Gmail has a tonne of settings options, though you wouldn't know it, as most of them are buried and take several clicks or taps to access. But Google is rolling out an update to Gmail that is supposed to change all that - or at least make it quicker to access key settings options.

What's new with Gmail?

Google is releasing an update for Gmail that introduces a quick settings menu. It shows select settings options for adjusting the look of your inbox. It will appear in the top-right section of your Gmail window and works without requiring you to leave the page.

Gmail's quick settings menu options

The quick settings menu shows the following settings options at launch:

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  1. Change the density of information displayed between default, comfortable, or compact.
  2. Choose which emails you want your inbox to prioritise.
  3. Add a reading pane for viewing an email’s contents without opening it.
  4. Change your Gmail theme.

To change more advanced Gmail settings, such as your vacation response, you will still need to access Gmail's full list of settings. But Google is adding a link to all those setting options directly right at the top of the quick settings menu.

How to get the new Gmail

The Gmail update bringing the quick settings menu will automatically arrive for your account, and it will automatically activate. The rollout has begun for personal Gmail accounts as well as select G Suite users. 

Writing by Maggie Tillman.