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(Pocket-lint) - It seems that Google is working to expand the max occupancy for Google Duo.

With more demand for video calling apps at the moment, everyone is stepping up to compete with Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Google is no different. 

The company only recently expanded the group membership limit but now it might be doing it again. Google has told Android Police that it's working on updating Google Duo to support 32 people in calls. Though when this will happen is not clear at this point. 

Google recently opened up Google Meet - its more business-centric virtual meeting service - to as many as 250 people. But this upcoming change for Google Duo will make it more accessible and useful for the average user too. 

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Google Duo is a much more personal experience that's designed to help keep friends and families in touch. Features such as the ability to send notes with text and doodles, augmented reality effects and the ability to snap photos together make Duo more jovial. 

For those missing their loved ones, Duo also has a family mode that includes fun effects, masks and a UI design that's built to prevent you from accidentally ending the call too. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.