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(Pocket-lint) - Google knows we're all going through some pretty hard times. To help alleviate the misery, the company is bringing back some of its popular Doodle Games.

Visit the Google homepage and click on the current Doodle and you'll be taken to a page dedicated to the popular ones from the archive. For the next two weeks, Google will be regularly adding old Doodles to play.

There are currently two Doodles to keep you entertained including the Coding for Carrots game from 2017. This one's a great game for little people as it teaches children the basics of programming by requiring users to add simple commands to send a rabbit in a certain direction to collect carrots. 

GoogleGoogle Is Breaking Your Boredom By Bringing Back Popular Google Doodle Games image 1

The second Doodle also hails from 2017 and allows to you swing a cricket bat while playing as a cricket. This one was a celebration of the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy and is a lot of fun for cricket lovers.

We're not sure what other Google Doodle games are likely to make an appearance but there have been plenty of good ones over the last few years.

We enjoyed the Doodle Fruit Games from 2016, 2017's Pangolin Love Valentine's Google Doodle, the brilliant Halloween themed one from 2016 and even the Roswell incident themed one that appeared way back in 2013.

Writing by Adrian Willings.