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(Pocket-lint) - Google has started to roll out an update to its Google Home app to let users adjust the sensitivity with which their Google Assistant-enabled devices will listen for a "Hey Google" wake-up call. 

The new setting will effectively add a slider to the Google Home's swathe of other options, with the dial set right in the middle by default. Users will be able to push the setting toward either a "Most sensitive" end of the scale, or "Least sensitive" if they prefer.

It'll be welcome to anyone who's found that their smart speaker or any other device has been waking up when they'd rather it didn't or indeed has been too difficult to wake at times. 

While it might not sound like it, this is actually a welcome privacy feature for some users, too - part of the issue with the Assistant waking up accidentally when it's not been intentionally summoned is that it might record snippets of conversations or speech that were never intended to be recorded.

That category of recording has been the focus of much ire over the last year, as people were informed of the review practices that these recordings could be randomly subjected to as part of various corporations attempts to improve their voice assistants.

The landscape has now, of course, shifted, with various assistants including the Google Assistant offering users the easy ability to opt out of sharing these recordings, or in Apple's case requiring them to opt into the programme in the first place. 

The update to users' Google Home app is rolling out slowly but surely, according to Google, meaning that you should find it in your settings menu very soon. 


Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.