(Pocket-lint) - Google is giving its Fit platform a bit of a refresh over the coming days and weeks, with a new version being pushed out to Wear OS, Android and iOS devices from this week. 

First and foremost, the app is being redesigned to refocus your attention on a different goal. Namely: steps. This comes about half a year after the company added sleep tracking

In its major refresh a couple of years ago, Google introduced a system showing two rings that showed your progress throughout the day. Those were move minutes and heart points. 

Now, your steps goal will be replacing the move minutes goal in that visual progress interface. It's a sensible move from Google, who stated in a blog post that it was a feature a lot of its users would rather have instead of the move minutes goal.

Heart points is becoming more prominent in the update too, with a clear graphic making the weekly heart points goal a primary target underneath the two ring graphic. 


The general target is 150 heart points per week, which is the target set by the AHA and WHO in order to help you stay healthier for longer. This particular metric will be available to Wear OS and iOS users first, with the Android app to follow. 

Heart points, as always, are met by doing exercise. Whether it be a brisk walk, a run, bike ride or whatever you happen to be into. More intense exercises are rewarded extra heart points, but the aim is to raise your heart rate from its resting state by moving. It could simply be walking up and down the stairs a few times. 

All of this is being delivered in an app with refreshed, bolder and brighter visuals. It not only makes it look a bit nicer, but goals and details are clearer too, whether you're looking at it on your phone or on your Wear OS smartwatch. 

The refreshed design is avaialble from now, but may take a little while to show as an update for your specific device. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.