(Pocket-lint) - Google's image recognition app, Google Lens, appears to be in line for some updates to make it more useful in an educational setting, based on code strings uncovered in its latest version. 

The app has so far divided its functionality into different sections, namely Translate, Text, Search, Shopping, and Dining. That list looks set to expand with a new "Education" section.

The team at XDA Developers managed to surface the new mode briefly in their testing, and were told to point their camera at a "homework question to get help". Based on the code being implemented, it would seem that this is aimed at maths questions, although there's no indication of whether the app would solve the question, offer hints, or any other solution.

This is likely to be another small bit of help to the many parents being forced to adapt to their kids being at home during lockdown phases of the COVID-19 pandemic, if it goes live soon, although none of this has been confirmed by Google as yet. 

Offline Translations

One of the most potentially useful parts of Google Lens as it stands is the live translation feature, which can translate text right before your eyes to make it easier to, say, read a menu abroad or check out tourist information.

That feature has so far relied on an internet connection to function, but some strings in the latest Google app suggest that language packs might become available to download for users. 

These appear to have tied-in information lines that explain that they enable translation even when users are offline, which could be really useful, and brings it into line with the "Camera" mode of the separate Google Translate app. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.