(Pocket-lint) - Studies show people prefer texting over calling, so emoji have become very popular and in-demand, as they allow users to visually communicate how they're feeling. Perhaps that's why Google has launched new emoji options in Gboard, in the form of Emoji Kitchen, which is clearly designed to give Android users more specific ways to express what's on their mind.


What is Emoji Kitchen?

Google's new emoji feature for Gboard users, Emoji Kitchen, basically allows you to combine two emoji to create a new one:

"Have you ever been so overwhelmingly filled with love that it moved you to tears? Or, perhaps you’ve laughed so hard you felt sick - and wished your phone had an emoji to convey that feeling? Whether you’re sending a note to your galentines or your one true love, Gboard on Android now takes your favorite emoji and mixes them into customized stickers, helping you express those nuanced thoughts and feelings."

There are already hundreds of emoji available, from eggplant to folding hands. But what if you're feeling like a cowboy and a monkey at the same time? It could happen, right? Either way, Google is now letting you send that emoji mashup.


How does Emoji Kitchen work?

Google says you can tap on any smiley emoji in Gboard on Android, and it will suggest emoji combinations you can send instead. It describes them as "stickers specially handcrafted by the designers at Google", and adds that "language is infinitely creative just like art and music, and with Emoji Kitchen, your phone’s keyboard becomes an even richer canvas for expression".

How to get Emoji Kitchen

Emoji Kitchen is now rolling out to all Gboard users on Android. You can join the Gboard Beta program here if you want to try them right now. The feature should work in most of your chat apps, like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Snapchat, though Slack doesn't seem to support it yet.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.