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(Pocket-lint) - It's Google Maps' 15th birthday, and Google is celebrating in style, or at least in design - it's swapping in a new-look logo for the app to ring in the anniversary.

The map-themed icon is gone, replaced by a pin-like design echoing the points of interest Google layers onto its app for users. 

The app itself is also getting some key changes, namely to the tab system at the bottom of the screen. Where you currently have three options, Explore, Commute and For You, you'll now also get Contribute and Updates.

The first will let you share information about your local (or far from local) area, adding details to listings and helping Google flesh out its information even further.

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Updates, meanwhile, will give you a seemingly curated feed of local spots that are in vogue and shouldn't be missed, harvested from "local experts and publishers", according to Google. It'll also let you chat to the businesses listed, apparently, to encourage you to visit them. 

More changes coming

Google's also detailed some changes that aren't ready yet but are on the way, principally in crowd-sourcing information. That Contribute tab is the precursor to Google stepping up its ability to let you record and submit more information on public transport schedules, temperatures, wheelchair accessibility and more. 

The data giant is also prepping an update to its Live View feature, which lets you view the location you're interested in through AR via Street View. The new version will be a little simpler and less heavy on the information front, to encourage people to use it.  

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 6 February 2020.