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(Pocket-lint) - Chrome can be easily switched into dark mode, giving you an experience that's far easier on the eyes for those late night Google searches. What's more, Chrome can even force websites with a light theme to display inverted colours, giving you a dark background and light coloured text.

If you're looking to conserve battery life on your mobile or just reduce the glare from your desktop monitor, here's how to enable it.

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How to enable dark mode for Chrome on Windows

  1. Enter the Windows Settings menu, click Personalisation then Colours and scroll down to the switch marked Choose your colour, or on Windows 11, Choose your mode.
  2. Changing this to Dark enables dark mode on all apps with native support, including Chrome.

However, this will only affect the browser's interface and menus. If you want to change the appearance of web content, in effect forcing light coloured web pages to show a dark background and white text, follow these steps

How to force dark mode for Chrome web content

  1. Enter the following address in your URL bar: chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark
  2. This will bring up a hidden Chrome settings menu and the Force Dark Mode option.
  3. Go the drop-down menu next to Force Dark Mode and select Enabled.
  4. At the bottom, hit the Relaunch button to restart your browser.

Note: In Step 3 above, you'll see several options in the drop-down menu; they all work similarly, simply switching up the colour models available. You can test them all if you want. It boils down to your personal preference.

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How to enable dark mode for Chrome on macOS

  1. Open System Preferences choose General and then Appearance.
  2. Click on the Dark option. Similar to Windows, all apps with a native dark mode will switch over.

How to enable dark mode for Chrome on Android

Dark mode on Android is enabled in much the same way as web content on desktop. It's an experimental feature still, so some design elements might look a little off.

  1. Navigate to chrome://flags in the Chrome address bar. 
  2. Hit the Search flags box and enter the word 'dark'. Here you will be presented with two options: Android web contents dark mode and Android Chrome UI dark mode
  3. Tap on the drop-down menu under each option and change the setting to Activated, then close and restart the app.
  4. Open the settings menu, select Themes and then Dark.
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How to enable dark mode for Chrome on iOS

Since the launch of iOS 13, Apple has offered a dark mode option for the whole operating system on both iPhone and iPad. Selecting this option will automatically switch Chrome into dark mode too.

  1. Go to your Settings, then to Display and enable Dark Mode.
  2. When you next open Chrome, it should reflect these changes. 
Writing by Luke Baker and Maggie Tillman. Editing by Chris Hall.
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