(Pocket-lint) - Google is giving Pixel phone users another new, exclusive feature - but this one only comes in handy during emergencies.

Google is rolling out an emergency text-to-speech feature to the Phone app on every Pixel device. It's a system where you tap once to quickly send your location information to medical, fire, or police responders, without having to say or type a single sentence. Here's how it works.


How Google's text-to-speech feature work

Google said its feature is best for people who cannot verbally communicate with an emergency call operator due to a disability, injury, or a dangerous situation. In those instances, you could dial for help and still relay what you need and where.

  1. Start by placing an emergency call using the Phone app.
  2. You will then see three new buttons: Medical, Fire, or Police.
  3. Tap one to activate Google's text-to-speech feature.

The Phone app on your Pixel device will then read out a message to the operator that: Informs them you're using an automated service; describes what kind of help you need; and details your current location (including your street address, if available, as well as a Plus code).

What is a Plus code?

A Plus code is like a short street address, but for people who don't have a street name and number, allowing them to still receive emergency services. So, say you're in the woods and dial for help, your Plus code will let responders know where exactly you're located.


Which devices can use this feature?

All Pixel devices with the Phone app, starting from the original Pixel phones all the way up through to the new Pixel 3A, can use this feature.

Where is this feature available?

Google's emergency text-to-speech feature is set to roll out to Pixel phones in the US in the coming months. However, Google also said, “select Android devices” will get it, too. We just don't know when yet or which devices. So, stay tuned. 

Writing by Maggie Tillman.