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(Pocket-lint) - Waze has had its own voice controls for some time, but in a move that will make things a lot smoother for everyone, Google Assistant is making its way to Waze.

That will mean that you can do a whole lot more without having to tap through several steps. Google has highlighted reporting traffic as one potential use for Assistant - but that could be reporting something like a pothole or finding an alternative route. 

The ties between Waze and Google Maps Navigation have been getting closer over recent years with many suspecting that we'll reach a point where the two systems don't run separately. 

Waze has been building bridges into other popular services that drivers might want, with the likes of Spotify and TuneIn radio able to connected to the community-based navigation app and allowing one-tap access, rather than having to jump around the UI like you do with Android Auto.

Of course, voice is really making an impact and since the advent of hotword commands you've been able get a lot more out of your connected phone without having to touch it at all, meaning you can keep your attention on the road. 

The service will be opening up for Android Waze users in the US initially, after the news was first revealed at Google I/O. We're not sure when it will come to other areas, but we'll be keeping an eye on its progress. 

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Writing by Chris Hall.