Google Maps has added the ability to find electric car charging locations, bringing extra convenience feature for drivers of EVs.

The new feature is available in both the UK and the US and will display charging points from Chargemaster, EVgo, SemaConnect and soon, Chargepoint, which covers a range of different charger networks. 

All you have to do on Google Maps is search for "EV charging stations" and it will search the immediate area for chargers, returning information on what type of charger is available so you can make sure you're going to be able to plug your car in.

You'll also be able to see if the charger is being used or if it's available, although we've not seen this information reflected (yet) on maps in the UK.

Pocket-lintHow To Find Electric Car Charging Points On Google Maps image 2

The addition of EV charging information is potentially useful for those planning longer journeys and wondering where they will be able to stop and charge, or looking for a charging location near a holiday destination, for example.

At the moment, however, the functionality is rather basic compared to services like Zap Map. You can't filter the information by connection type and you can't have it enabled as a layer to have permanently shown on the map. 

However, if you're using Google Maps for navigation, you can plot a route and then search for EV charging stations, making it really easy to add a charging stop to a route. If you're a fan of Android Auto and regularly drive using Google Maps, then it's additional useful information.

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