Google is known for taking its Google Doodles on the homepage to the next level, and it's latest effort is no exception.

The company is celebrating German composer Johann Sebastian Bach with its first AI-powered Doodle. It's an interactive musical experience developed by the Google Doodle, Google Magenta, and Google Pair teams. It allows you to compose a two-measure melody, by dropping notes onto the bars, and then it uses machine learning to harmonise your tune to Bach's famous style.

Machine learning happens when engineers teach a computer to come up with its own answers by showing it examples from a data set. The computer is not relying on rules to follow, as typical with traditional computer programming, but rather drawing upon its familiarity with the data set to learn. The AI model used in this Google Doodle was trained on 306 of Bach’s compositions.

It was developed by Magenta's Anna Huang, who also developed Coconet, a versatile model that can harmonise melodies or compose from scratch. Magenta also worked with Pair to use TensorFlow.js (or Google’s Tensor Processing Units if your device isn't powerful enough) to allow machine learning to happen entirely within your browser. You can learn the technical details in this post.

All these moving parts, both art and engineering, came together to create this Bach-inspired Google Doodle, which we think is super fun. It's set to go live at 9pm GMT on 20 March will be available for 48 hours across 77 markets.

Go here to see it.

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