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(Pocket-lint) - Google has just released its own augmented reality app.

Called Just a Line, the app essentially lets you draw white lines in the air and then share your creation with a short video. It comes from Google's Creative Lab unit, and it's being marketed as an "AR experiment". Google even has a webpage showcasing the app alongside other AR experiments that other coders have created using ARCore, Google's platform that lets Android developers easily build AR apps and games.

In a video for Just a Line, Google demonstrates how you can use the app to draw stars or fish or whatever you want in augmented reality. Just open the app, point your device's camera at something, and start doodling on the screen. Your creation will end up looking like those filters you see in Snapchat or Instagram stories, only they're floating in the world around you. Draw a bar, for instance, and Limbo under it.


The app is based on Google's Tilt Brush app that lets you paint in a 3D space with virtual reality. That app is limited to VR-compatible devices, whereas Just a Line only requires an Android phone that supports ARCore, such as the Google Pixel 2 or any of the latest Samsung Galaxy phones. Go here to learn more about which phones support ARCore, or go here to see more featured AR experiments that Google likes.

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You can download Just a Line from the Google Play Store for free.

Writing by Elyse Betters.
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