As 2017 comes to an end, Google has announced the most downloaded Android apps of the year, along with various other 'top five' lists. But have your favourites made the cut?

The most downloaded list only takes into account new apps that were released on the Play Store this year, so long running favourites would have been rejected. The list will be of particular interest to Android device owners who are looking for something to download that's a bit different. So here's a run down of the Google Play Awards 2016 winners and what they offer.

So, onto the winners. Here are the best Android apps of 2017 and what they offer.

Google Play Apps: Most downloaded apps


Free from the Google Play Store

FaceApp was incredibly popular in 2017. It builds on the concept of the selfie by giving you several different filters to select, but rather than just give yourself a pair of rabbit ears, FaceApp can make you look older, change your gender, give you a Hollywood smile and in the app maker's first "become more attractive".

Mercari - Buy, Sell New & Used

Free from the Google Play Store

We all love to find a bargain online or even sell our unwanted stuff. Mercari is one of the latest and subsequently most popular marketplace apps that make it easy to find and sell the things you want. 

Selfie Camera - Filter & Sticker & Photo Editor

Free from the Google Play Store

There are loads of selfie apps on the Play Store, another has already made the top five. This particularly selfie camera app has proven to be popular with Android users because of its vast selection of filters and stickers that can be used to alter your photos and share with family and friends.

5 Gold Rings UK

Free from the Google Play Store

5 Gold Rings UK is the official companion app the ITV game show of the same name. You can play along with the action live by answering questions on your phone screen. If you get a high score, your name could even be read out on TV!

Don't Ask Me Ask Britain

Free from the Google Play Store

Another companion app for an ITV show is Don't Ask Me Ask Britain, which rounds out the top five most download Android apps of the year. The in-app voting is called upon heavily in the show, so by downloading and playing, you'll be playing a big part.

It's not just the top five most downloaded apps that get recognition, as Google has compiled several other lists to award some of its favourite apps of the year, as well as awarding one overall Best App 2017. 

Google Play Apps: Best App 2017

Socratic - Math Answers and Homework Help

Free from the Google Play Store

Google has awarded Socratic as its best app of 2017 thanks to its beautiful design and incredibly clever AI. It's also proven to be an invaluable tool for kids at school, and with the number of downloads it's received, will only get better with time. 

You can see a full list of the best apps, games, books, movies and TV shows from the past year on Android here.