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(Pocket-lint) - It's hard to find the perfect iOS app for email, right?

Although Apple restricts you from changing the default mail app for anything on iOS, there are a few decent email apps in the App Store, such as Spark, Airmail, Alto, and Edison Mail. Google's official Gmail app for iOS devices is another solid choice, but it doesn't let you add non-Google email services. It only supports Gmail accounts. However, Google is finally considering support for other email accounts.

It's currently asking customers who use the Gmail for iOS app to trial a new feature that will allow non-Google accounts to be added to and checked from app. Google already offered the option to add third-party accounts on Android phones, so this is long overdue perk for iOS users, and maybe it could help Gmail for iOS to be on par with other popular iOS apps - even Apple's default Mail app.


How to add non-Google accounts to Gmail for iOS

To try this new Gmail for iOS feature, which will allow you to add non-Google accounts, sign up to join the official beta test from here. You will need to enter your name, Gmail address, iOS device, and provider of the non-Google email account to be used in the beta.

What is required to join Gmail's beta test?

To join the beta test, you need the Gmail for iOS app, as well as a non-Google account and an iOS 10 or later device, such as an iPhone or iPad. Because this is a beta, keep in mind Google is actively developing the feature, so you might run into some glitches during the trial.

Which non-Google accounts can you add?

The beta supports email accounts from Outlook, Hotmail, Live, Yahoo, Yandex, Mail.ru, and others (presumably IMAP accounts).

When can anyone add non-Google accounts?

There’s no word on when the support for non-Google accounts will roll out to the general public. It could be anywhere between a couple of weeks to maybe even years. We'll keep you posted as we learn more.

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