The next version of Android is officially known as Android Oreo.

Android O has been in developer beta for a while, with the final version expected to launch soon, but now, we finally know its official name. We know this because Google just announced it during a live-streamed event that started at 2:40pm EST/7.40pm BST on 21 August.

Can you re-watch the reveal?

Yes. Google has published a live-stream video for the reveal of Android O's official name, and you can re-watch the events unfold at any time. In the description for the video, Google invited you to "watch the solar eclipse unveil the Android O superhero" and added: "Trust us, it’ll be extra sweet". The live stream kicked off around the same time the 2017 solar eclipse occurring across the contiguous US.

What is Android O's official name?

Android O is officially called Android 8.0 Oreo.

Evan BlassAndroid O to be named on today What will it be called image 1

Keep in mind the usually-reliable leaker Evan Bless had recently tweeted what appeared to be a genuine press image for the next version of Android, and it suggested the name will be Oreo. While Blass has a good track record when it comes to leaks, we didn't take his leak as gospel, as it could've just been a very good use of Photoshop. However, we did agree that Oreo would be the most logical name.

Even LG thought Oreo would be the name...

Obviously, based on past patterns, Google tends to go with treat-themed names for its major OS releases. It's even partnered with candy makers on names (remember Android KitKat?), so it was really anybody's best guess. However, many people pointed out that Google' countdown was themed to the solar eclipse, and an eclipsed sun is essentially a black disc with a ring of white, sort of like an Oreo.

What did you think it would be called?

Here were some other common guesses:

  • Oatmeal Cookie
  • Orange sherbert
  • Orange julius
  • Orangesicle
  • O'Henry
  • Orbit (gum)
  • Otter Pops (aka freeze pops)