(Pocket-lint) - Google's music-streaming service strategy is confusing, but it shouldn't be for long.

Google offers YouTube Music, as well as YouTube Red and Google Play Music. You might use one or all three for your music-streaming needs. Or maybe you avoid them all, because you're not quite sure what the differences are, or maybe you don't know which you'd prefer and whether you even want to pay up. It's daunting, right? Google apparently agrees, because it's rethinking its strategy.

According to The Verge, YouTube Red and Google Play Music will be merged to create a new service. YouTube Music thinks combining the two services will help "educate consumers and bring in new subscribers". Right now, YouTube Music is a free app, but through it you can sign up to YouTube Red, which ditches the ads, lets you save videos offline, and provides access to Play Music.

Play Music is essentially like the free version of Spotify. Now, if you sign up for the paid version of Play Music, you will also get access to YouTube Red's benefit. We're already confused explaining these three experiences to you, so, clearly, a merge isn't a bad idea. We're just unsure how the merge is going to work, considering Red is for videos and Play Music is for tunes.

But at least Google is open to coming up with a better plan. We'll keep you posted as we find out more details.

Writing by Elyse Betters.