If you've managed to avoid fidget spinners thus far - whatever you do, don't Google the word "spinner".

The fidget spinner craze, which swept the world this spring, may finally seem like its on the way out, but that doesn't mean it's too late for Google to jump on board. Redditors recently discovered that Google made an easter egg out of fidget spinners. It basically hid a virtual spinner inside Google search. In order to find the simulation, you have to search the right word: spinner.

You can't search "fidget spinner" or "spinners". It only works for "spinner". Once you type in the correct variation, you should see a fidget spinner appear, whether you're on mobile or desktop, as long as you use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. To get the toy spinning, do a rotating motion with your mouse, or click the designated spin button. You can even swap out the spinner for a wheel.

Fidget spinners are marketed as a toy you can use to relieve stress. They're now considered one of the must-have gadgets of 2017. They're like the Tamagotchi or Beanie Babies of the late 1990s; they emerged out of nowhere and became an overnight sensation.

Now, courtesy of Google, we may have reached peak fidget spinner.

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