Three months after launching Google Assistant for iOS in the US, Google has brought the app to the UK.

Assistant has truly become a multi-platform assistant at this point, though it does have some restrictions on non-Android devices. For instance, when it first launched on iOS, Google said it'll only be able to do stuff like play music from Spotify and send iMessages. Users weren't able to set alarms ot assign Google Assistant to the Home button in order to replace Siri. But they could add an Google Assistant widget.

Google has promised to consistently improve what Assistant can do, however, and more recently, it promised new integrations are coming. By launching an iOS app, Google has given developers more incentive to work with Google Assistant. Also, Google has a history of launching its services on iOS, because it wants to get those services out to as many people as possible. It's now on hundreds of millions of devices.

GoogleMove Over Siri Google Assistant Is Officially Coming To Iphone image 1

In fact, the Siri and Alexa competitor can be found on 95 per cent of all Android devices running Marshmallow and up, Google said. It's been available for iPhone users - via a standalone iOS app that debuted at Google's I/O - since last spring. That same iOS app is now available in the UK, as well as in Germany and France. You can download it now from the Apple App Store.

It's compatible with any iOS device running iOS 9.1 and above.

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