Andy Rubin - a former Google executive who once oversaw the development of Android - just teased an unknown device.

Here's the situation: Rubin, who left Google in 2014 after nine years, announced in January that he was starting a new company, called Essential, and that this company would be developing a high-end smartphone with an edge-to-edge display and minimal bezels. Now, via Twitter, he has teased what seems to be the first smartphone from Essential - and, as he already hinted, it has almost no bezel.

But that's pretty much all we know. From the picture he tweeted, we can see that the phone has a speaker cutout at the top and maybe a volume rocker on the side of the device. Some reports have speculated that the phone seems to be running a version of Android, which makes since considering the phone is coming from Rubin's own company, but that detail has not been confirmed yet by Essential.

Again, there's little to go on from here. But we will keep you posted when we learn more.