Android likes to bring a little fun to Mobile World Congress and in 2017, as it has done in two previous years Google has peppered the show with Android pin badges, providing show visitors with a distraction, while also hammering home just how far the Android ecosystem reaches.

Called the Android Walk, there are a total of 87 badges available, distributed over 3 days of the show across all the different Android partners.

These all follow Android's "together not the same" theme, with a range of different chappies dressed in funky regalia: there's Santa, a snowboarder, samurai, Mr Man in his lederhosen and every other national stereotype you can think of.


These badges are divided into bronze, silver and gold, with 28 pins in each section; when you collect a badge, there's a sticker in the pack for you to put in your Android Passport. When you have all the pins, you get a stamp on your passport and a special bronze, silver or gold pin badge. 

There are, however, a couple of special extras at the show. Nokia has its own Android holding a 3310, and this is available in a couple of different skin tones.

The question is, with so much happening at MWC 2017, will anyone have the time to collect all these badges?

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