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(Pocket-lint) - Love is in the air at Google, as it's Valentine's Day on the 14 February. To mark the occasion, Google has come up with another one of its fun Doodle games. This year's one sees you play as a Pangolin, a mammal native to Africa and Asia, on his quest to reach his girlfriend on the other side of the world.

The game starts with a cut-scene showing our hero receiving a card from his girlfriend asking him to come and see her, but he realises he doesn't have a present. He notices other Pangolin that are in love eating cake, playing music, dancing and receiving flowers, so he tries to do the same.

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There are four levels to the game, each one set in a different country, and each one has a different task. You start in Ghana where you need to collect cocoa beans to make a cake. It's a platform style game, and you simply use the left and right arrow keys of your keyboard to move the hero around the world. It's very similar to games such as Sonic. You also need to press the spacebar to jump or hold it down to jump higher. You'll need to avoid obstacles that look like circular saws. If you hit one, you don't lose any items you've collected, but you are stunned for a short period of time and you only have 3 minutes to complete each level (4 four minutes on the final level).

Each level does show an obvious path to follow, but there are often items hidden behind walls that disappear when you approach them, so make sure you investigate everywhere before moving further to the right. Once you've reached the end of a level, you won't be able to go back. If you don't manage to collect all the items, you can choose to replay the level.

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The second level is set in India and asks you to collect song notes to learn a song. This level is slightly different because for the most-part you're underwater. You still need to use the left and right arrows and spacebar, but you need to keep pressing it to swim upwards and back onto dry land.

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China is the destination for level three, and it features Chinese lanterns which you can use to swing to different platforms. When you jump towards a lantern, you need to press spacebar again to attach to it and press it again to release.

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The final level is set in the Phillipines, where you have to collect flowers to make a bouquet. In the first three levels you need to collect 150 items, but in the final level that increases to 300. There are many more platforms and avenues to explore so be sure to use the full 4 minutes of allotted time. This levels combines everything from the previous three, swimming, jumping and swinging. 

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Once you reach the end, you're united with your lover, but you trip and fall under the weight of all your gifts. Fortunately, she doesn't mind, she's just happy you're there. If only real love was just as simple.

Writing by Max Langridge.