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(Pocket-lint) - Today is Halloween and to celebrate, Google has created a mini game as its commemorative Doodle. The game sees you playing as a cat on a quest to get back a book of spells from an evil ghoul. We've played the full game so we can help you know how to play it.

The game requires you to draw shapes with your mouse to fight off incoming ghouls and ghosts. The shapes are a vertical line, horizontal line, up arrow, down arrow and occasionally an S and a heart if you're running low on lives. If there is more than one ghoul with the same shape above its head, then drawing this shape will kill them both off, or remove one step of a combination.

The shape that you need to draw to kill each ghoul appears above its head. In the first level you just need to draw one shape per ghoul but as the game progresses you'll need to draw sequences and combinations for each one.

Each of the five levels has a boss at the end of it, and these take three attempts each to kill them off. In between drawing combinations to kill off each boss, there's a wave of regular ghouls to try and take your lives away. You get five lives in the game, but if you do lose one, you can either get them back from killing more ghouls, or a small ghoul will appear to the side of the screen with a heart shape above its head, draw a heart and you'll be rewarded with a life.

You can't draw a life for a heart at any time, you can only do it when the ghoul appears.

Each time you kill a ghoul and boss you get points, our high score was 84,780 and that included losing a few lives during the game. Presumably it would've been higher if we were quicker on the draw. We were using a Mac trackpad for the game too, so it might be easier to use a physical mouse.

Nevertheless, it's a good little Halloween game from Google and once you've got the hang of it, you can play it as many times as you want to try and beat your high score.

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Writing by Max Langridge.