There are a lot of changes coming in Android 7.0 Nougat, which Google has confirmed will be rolling-out from 22 August.

Here's a run down of some of the things to get excited about.

1. Revamped quick settings

The quick settings have been refreshed, giving you the opportunity to change the order that they appear, as well as add and remove those you don't want.

2. Settings menu refresh

The Settings menu has had a thorough overhaul in Android 7.0. More information has been bubbled up, so it's easier to see information at a glance and save you constantly tapping through. The settings menu will also give you notifications and suggestions to help you get more from your device.

3. Split-screen apps

At last Android is going to be supporting split-screen natively. Offered by companies like Samsung for some time, the Google solution is similar, letting you pop an app into the top of the display and open a second. You can change the sizes too, helping you get the most from your apps and display. The recent apps button now has a new lease of live. 

4. Quick switching between apps

We've all got used to hitting the recent apps button and selecting a different app from the deck. But with Android Nougat, a double tap on the recent apps button will let you switch between your two most often-used apps. Want to play Pokemon Go and keep that WhatsApp conversation going? It's now much simpler.

5. Save more power

Android Marshmallow introduced Doze, a system feature that will let your device go to sleep and save power when it's not being used – it really works, but your phone needed to be still for it to work. In Nougat this has now been super-charged, letting you save power when on the move. Doze in Nougat won't need your phone to be still.

6. Designed for Daydream

Love Google Cardboard? Get ready to scrap it as Google changes gear on VR. The new Daydream platform will be designed with specific hardware in mind to ensure a better mobile VR experience. The good news is that Daydream support is natively baked into Nougat, and ready to roll. 

7. Notifications are more informative

Android is notifications and it offers the best mobile notifications you'll find. In Nougat, notifications are richer, with more information. Direct reply is also going mainstream. Messenger and WhatsApp have allowed direct replying without opening the app and this will be widespread across more Android apps in the future.

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