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(Pocket-lint) - The default phone and contact apps on Android are good, but they only get you so far. They don't allow a huge amount of customisation for example, nor do they look to support international business travellers in the way that you might need. 

PixelPhone is an Android app that aims to replace your default Phone and Contact on Android offering you a number of features to speed up and improve using your phone on a daily basis. 

The app features:

- Easy-to-use launch and go and allows you to quicking search and fast dial by QWERTY & T9 dailer.

- Fully customised interface that lets you change the font size, photo size, theme colors and SIM card icon to suit your style and needs. 

- Various themes and plug-ins that can be downloaded for free so help you make the app suit your style. 

- Dual mobile phone SIM-card that allows up to three SIM cards including auto selection of mobile phone SIM-card based on rules (mobile phone mask and contacts.

- Quick dial Support that allows you to swipe for call or message.

- Blacklist feature to help you block unwanted callsand report harassing calls.

Looking to expand on what the default offering delivers already, the new app, which is now free, allows things like easy grouping of contacts so you can create groups for different types of contacts, as well as, assigning that group custom ringtones or be able to send them all an image or message at the same time. 

It means talking to your family or co-workers at the same time becomes much, much easier. 

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But it's not just about speeding up talking to others. The app allows you to fully customise the apps interface, from changing the font size to the compactness of the dial pad, as well as, letting you enjoy the variety of themes available to change the look and feel of the app. 

For international travelers, there is a support for a multilingual dialer that gives audio and vibration feedback, and dual mobile phone SIM-card support that allows up to three SIM cards. The app automatically selects the right mobile phone SIM-card based on rules you've set (mobile phone mask and contacts for example).

Users can create a blacklist to block unwanted calls and the app even goes as far as letting you report harassing calls so you don't get constantly bombarded with unwanted interruptions. 

The most exciting features are:

- Contacts and group management support for group message; photo and ringtone modification, organisation.

- Customized gestures to give you even more control, like swipe left-right to call/message/SIM1/SIM2.

- Customized multilingual dialer with vibration/audio feedback.

- Merged call history by date, contacts and call.

- Concise dial pad.

- Adjustable dial pad size.

- Group of frequent contacts and quick dial.

- Customized frequent operations of contact.

- Number missed call.

- diacritics-insensitive search.

In the future, Russian developers Felink, say they will add a call recording feature and the ability to see not only who is calling, but where they are calling from.

You can get the PixelPhone app from the Google Play store here