You're about to save a tonne of money on Android apps, movies, and books.

According to CNET, Google will announce a new family plan for Google Play Store. It'll work a lot like Apple's family-share program. Called Google Play Family Library, the plan should let you share apps, videos, and books purchased from Play Store with up to six family members.

That content can be shared across not only Android devices but also Google's websites and the Google Play apps on iOS, though Android apps will still only work on Android devices and, soon, Chromebooks. Keep in mind Google announced last December a different sharing program for Google Play Music. It lets you and six other people from your family stream music for $14.99 a month.

But you don't have to pay extra to sign up for Family Library. You just need a credit card saved to the account for future purchases. Google will send each receipt to the owner. And everyone in your family will be able to access every single app, video, and book that's available to the account holder. You can even remove specific titles from your library to hide stuff from others. 

The new system should launch in several countries in late July.