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(Pocket-lint) - The latest version of TouchWiz, currently in its beta form, suggests Samsung will introduce yet another visual refresh in its software when the Galaxy Note 7 launches. HDBlog published a video showing off the new beta software in an in-depth walkthrough.

While the software is undoubtedly still TouchWiz-esque in appearance there are plenty of positive changes in the latest beta version of Samsung's custom UX. Overall, the entire experience seems a lot cleaner and more minimal, and there appears to be an emphasis from Sammy on making things much easier to find, which should mean getting to what you want more quickly. 

Perhaps the biggest change is the revamped settings menu which groups settings options together. That means the initial settings screen has far fewer things in it since multiple options have been better categorised and condensed in to sections. For instance, connectivity settings are all under the connections category. And if you can't find what you're looking for, there's a search option right at the top of the screen.

That search tool is something of a running theme in the beta. It's also in the widget selection screen, to help you find specific app widgets, and it's in the drop-down quick-settings screen.

On that note, it also appears as though Samsung is building more functionality in to the drop-down quick settings. Each of the quick-access toggles in that drop-down box seems to have more granular control within that interface too. Pressing and holding an individual toggle, or tapping the drop-down arrow shows you various customisation or settings options right on the screen, rather than take you to the settings menu. 

The change of most intrigue is shown when the video host swipes up on a home screen app icon. Although clearly not ready for prime time, there seems to be a function whereby users will get quick access to a specific function of that app right from the home screen just by swiping up from an icon. With it being beta, it gives developers time to build in these feature shortcuts in to their apps before the software is publicly launched. Whether that's quickly navigating home from Google Maps or taking a selfie with Instagram. 

Although Samsung phones don't have pressure-sensitive screens yet, this feature is very similar to the 3D Touch feature in iOS on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. It could perhaps hint that future Galaxy phones will have a "Force Touch" display, like the Huawei P9 Plus and Mate S. While we're not sure if the Note 7 will have a pressure-sensitive screen, rumours have circled suggesting the Galaxy S8 might do. 

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With all of these changes and features in beta form now, and the software looking mostly finished, it would suggest a revamp is coming very soon to Samsung's software. The very fact that we're expecting a Galaxy Note 7 launch in August means this software is likely going to launch with the new handset. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.