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(Pocket-lint) - Barclays has announced that its contactless payment system, called Contactless Mobile, has launched today.

Barclays previously expressed its intent to remain out of Android Pay in favour of its own offering. That has now arrived meaning Android users will be able to tap to pay using their smartphone's NFC.

Barclays says payments will be supported for up to £100 at anywhere that contactless cards can be used. That's 400,000 locations in the UK, says Barclays.

Up to £30 requires a simple tap but go over that amount and the owner will need to enter his or her PIN.

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But the Contactless Mobile app also means the system can be used for tap to pay travel on the London Underground in place of an Oyster card.

It all sounds great but there is a catch. Barclays says Contactless Mobile is not available for: "Basic Current Accounts, Business Accounts, Corporate Accounts or ATM only cards." It will work with: "Initial, Freedom Rewards, Platinum cards, Cashback, IHG, Hilton Honours Platinum Visa, IHG Rewards Club Visa and IHG Rewards Club Premium Visa".

We have a normal current account and that appears to work just fine with the app.

The Barclays Contactless Mobile works as a part of the current Barclays app for Android. Simply update, select the Contactless Mobile option and link it to the relevant card.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 22 June 2016.