Android might not have a lot to announce at Mobile World Congress, saving the big hits of Android N for Google I/O in May, but Google's mobile OS is everywhere on the show floors of Mobile World Congress 2016.

As in previous years, Google is having fun with its partners, littering booths with Android statues and sought-after pin badges and stickers.

This year there are 87 pin badges and each comes with its own sticker. These sticker can be collected on a handy guide, showing you where you'll (probably) be able to find your pin badges.

This year there's a bonus prize too: collect all the Android badges from each particular day of the show (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) and you can get your hands on a coveted bronze, silver or gold pin badge. 

Android isn't just giving out badges, but continuing to push its Androidify theme, inviting attendees at the show to create themselves, with the option to customise a water bottle too. 

It's a bit of fun, but you're really here for the badges. We've laid eyes on them all, so click through the gallery and take a look. The Ninja Turtle is especially cool, as is the Zombie. Look out for the very special bronze, silver and gold Android Marshmallow pins too! They're sure to become fandroid collectors items.

So there's no real Android news to share, apart from the launch of the LG G5, the Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC One X9 and the Sony Xperia X handsets…

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