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(Pocket-lint) - Okay, this is probably the coolest Chrome browser game yet.

Google does this thing every now and then in which it releases new "Chrome experiments" that can only be accessed, viewed, or played with using the Google Chrome web browser on Mac and PCs. Well, the company has announced a new, interactive one to go along with all the Star Wars hype.

It's a game that turns your phone into a lightsaber.

Called Lightsaber Escape, it's a collaboration between Google, Disney, Lucasfilm, and Industrial Light and Magic. To get it to work, you must go to this Lightsaber Escape website on a desktop, and then you'll then be shown a link to visit on your mobile device so that the two can connect and calibrate.

Googlefight stormtroopers in this google game that turns your phone into a lightsaber image 2

You'll have to hold your phone vertically like a lightsaber, and once the calibration process is over, you'll be transported to the Star Destroyer on the desktop site. As you move your phone around, which appears as a lightsaber on your desktop screen, the lightsaber moves around as well.

From there, Google makes you do a test run. This includes waving your phone - uh, lightsaber - around to deflect shots coming from a stormtrooper. Once you got all that down pat, you'll be free to explore the Star Destroyer some more and fight an onslaught of attacking stormtroopers.

It's amazing.

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Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 15 December 2015.