Google has already updated its Santa Tracker tool, because it wants kids checking back every day in the run up to Christmas.

The internet giant is an interesting company. When it's not knee-deep in moonshot projects, creating fun Google Doodles, or burying entertaining easter eggs across its software, apps, and sites, it is apparently developing cute experiences for the holiday season.

The new Santa Tracker tool from Google is a hub of activities. It's called Santa's Village, and for the next few weeks, you can visit the website every day to (according to Google): "Prep alongside the elves, test weather conditions with Rudolph, skydive with Santa, learn about holiday traditions like kallik√°ntzari -little creatures from Greece that eat Christmas cookies - and much more."

The activity for 1 December, for instance, offers you a chance to brush up on your computer skills with a new coding game. As for the tracking stuff, that'll be enabled on 24 December, so children across the world can easily look up Father Christmas' exact whereabouts.

These hub activities can be accessed on multiple displays too. There are are extensions available for Android Wear, activities made for Android TV, and you can cast stuff the Android app to your HDTV via Chromecast.

Check out Google's blog post and the video above for more details.