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(Pocket-lint) - Google has acquired Fly Labs, with the purpose of bulking up Google Photos.

Fly Labs developed four video-editing apps for iOS, and the team behind those apps is now going to work for Google Photos: "It's a perfect match for what we built at Fly Labs, and we're looking forward to folding our technology into Google Photos," announced Fly Labs via its website.

The company said it will continue to offer its apps, called Clips, Fly, Tempo, and Crop, for three months, and during that time, all in-app purchases will be available for free. After the period ends, they will be removed from the App Store and discontinued, meaning they will no longer get updated and won't be available for download, but those of you who own them will be able to continue using them.

Fly Labs, which is based in New York City and was founded by Tim Novikoff, hasn't confirmed how its four apps will specifically benefit Google Photos, which currently doesn't offer video-editing features but does let you stitch together clips and create GIFs.

Fly Labs' apps have been downloaded 3 million times in the last 18 months, so they have a solid following. It'll be interesting to see how their tech will work with Google Photos - an app we reviewed and loved - going forward.

Financial details about the acquisition have not yet been disclosed. 

Writing by Elyse Betters.