We've all been waiting for Android Pay to officially launch and it could be as soon as 26 August, in the US at least, if details from McDonald's prove to be true.

Android Police has got hands on some internal documents from McDonald's, informing staff of updated payment methods coming to restaurants in August. 

The details say that the process will be the same as Apple Pay and also details that Samsung Pay will be accepted from 21 August (the launch date of the Note 5).

In the fine print, there's reference to window stickers so customers know how to pay - expected to be put up on 27 August.

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McDonald's has a huge restaurant base and was one of the named venues revealed by Google at the announcement of Android Pay at Google I/O earlier in the year. 

The date is a Wednesday and Google frequently uses that to update apps and services outlines Android Police. It's highly likely, however, that Android Pay will launch in the US before it hits anywhere else internationally.

There's nothing official, of course, so we're taking this leak with a pinch of BBQ sauce and in a few days we'll know if it's true.