(Pocket-lint) - Google has announced a new version of its cheap and cheerful virtual reality viewer, Google Cardboard, that not only fits screen sizes up to 6-inches, but will also work with iOS.

The new Google Cardboard is similar to last year's model in look. It is still made of cardboard, as the name suggests, and requires manual folding after purchase, but it now only takes three folds to construct and it comes with a better magnet button that works with all phones.

Google also announced that it is extending its VR SDK to include iOS as well as Android for developers to port their Cardboard-compatible apps across.

In just a year since the launch of the original Google Cardboard, the company has sold over one million devices and there are now hundreds of apps available that work in the VR viewer.

Google also announced a system for recording virtual reality video called Jump, with GoPro the first to produce a full 360-degree Jump camera setup that will be sold to consumers. YouTube will also host Jump videos, so anybody with a Google Cardboard headset can watch immersive videos made by professionals and amateurs alike.

When the new Google Cardboard will be available is still to be confirmed, but as every developer attending Google I/O walked away with one, it must be pretty soon.

Writing by Rik Henderson.