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(Pocket-lint) - Google Now is all about context and the new, Now on Tap feature in Android M makes it smarter than ever.

The idea is that Android will know what you're doing on your smart device so you can get more information by simply asking or tapping.

Some examples help to explain what we can expect from the smarter Google Now.

Listening to a song by Skrillex? Ask what "his" real name is and Google knows who you're referring to, shows you the search result in a card hovering over the app you're using, then jumps back to the music seamlessly.

Got a movie mention in an email from a mate? Hold the text and get instant information, it'll even offer other options like IMDB to check it out, as well as screening times so you can plan when to go in your reply - all while hovering over the original message.

Get a text with a restaurant mention? Tap and hold the text and you'll get info on it popping up on the screen with Navigation, Call, Yelp and more options ready. It'll even open another card-like pop-up to let you set a reminder, as it knows you're looking at a meal booking.

Google Now can even spot the context of words on a menu. So even if you can't pronounce a meal it'll know what you mean and show you information.

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In an article with an image, you can tap on the picture and it'll know who it is and offer you more information from various sources.

Android M will bring the updated Google Now with Now on Tap when it launches later this year.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 28 May 2015.