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(Pocket-lint) - One of the issues associated with Windows Phone currently is soon to be no more. Microsoft has added easy code porting of Android and iOS apps to the Windows 10 platform, giving developers no excuse not to push their applications to Windows smartphones and tablets in the future.

Among the many coding styles that can be used to create universal Windows 10 apps, both Android Java/C++ and iOS Objective C code can be used directly in the new version of Visual Studio.

Developer King has already used the new system for the hugely popular Candy Crush Saga, in order to port it to Windows, and has committed to translate its other games too. Other developers are sure to follow suit.

This potentially means that the hurdle Microsoft has faced in the past, which saw many of the most popular applications on Android and iPhone stay exclusive to those platforms, could be no more. Certainly, from the response by the developers attending the company's opening keynote at Build 2015 in San Francisco suggests so.

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They are also encouraged by the fact that Windows 10 apps don't just work across phones and tablets, they will also run on multiple other devices, including PCs, Xbox One and HoloLens.

Writing by Rik Henderson.