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(Pocket-lint) - Google has announced a new extension for its Chrome browser that should keep people safe from phishing scams.

The Password Alert extension will work in Chrome to make sure people know what sites are legitimate and which are not. That way giving out personal details and using passwords anywhere on the internet shouldn't be as much of a worry.

Phishing scams involve a site or email that tricks an online user into handing over their account passwords and information. This can then be used for nefarious tasks like identity theft or access to a user's money.

Google says the Password Alert will work by notifying the user every time they enter their password into a non-Google site. While that sounds like it could get annoying it's there to help. The idea is to make people aware of when they are reusing the same password across sites – something which is best not done.

Google says Chrome also warns users when a site tries to deliver unwanted software and can even identify ads that target people with unwanted software.

To get the Password Alert simply head over to the Google Chrome Web Store and install the extension to start getting protection right away.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.