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(Pocket-lint) - Dropbox appears to be working on its Google Docs and Evernote killer called Composer.

The Dropbox Composer app appeared online where it was shared and used by several people before being pulled. Since then Dropbox's head of product, business and mobile confirmed to Business Insider that Composer is something that it is currently working on.

According to those that used it Composer is an online word processor and note-taking tool that allows for multiple people to edit at the same time. The idea is that users will no longer need to write documents in one place, like Word, and save them on Dropbox as it will all be done right there in the app.

Dropbox apparently tests its new products with thousands of customers before officially releasing them. Badge, which lets users see who is working on the same Dropbox files, was tested by more than 13,000 business partners before being released last month.

But can Dropbox Composer beat Google Docs and Evernote? The company bought startup Hackpad and mobile document editing software CloudOn suggesting it could produce a product that's impressive.

It really all comes down to what people use. If you're already a big Google user Docs makes sense for you. But sharing those files is a little more effort when sending outside of Google, in that way Composer could offer more. If you're already in Dropbox all day a word processor that works within that space could be perfect.

Expect to head more about Dropbox Composer soon.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 8 April 2015.