Yes today is April Fools' Day and yes Google has overlaid playable Pac-Man on its Google Maps service. But why is that an April Fool? We consider it a nice gift from Google.

The little treat from Google allows you to finish your Google Maps journey planning or area scoping with a game of Pac-Man. Much like the Google Earth icon at the bottom left there is now a Pac-Man icon that overlays the game on the area you're viewing.

That means you can play Pac-Man on the streets around where you live, or anywhere else you fancy for that matter. Type your post code, for example, then when you hover over the Pac-Man icon a box showing where will become a game area is displayed then click to play it.

While this is just a bit of fun it's a shame Google hasn't quite perfected the controls. Since some roads go off at odd angles it's often tough to get Pac-Man down there. We ultimately got too annoyed at him getting stuck and us dying.

So it's April Fools' Day and Google has unleashed this game, but we don't see anyone being fooled here – just a bit of fun to be had by all.

Follow the link below to give it a try on desktop or mobile.

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