(Pocket-lint) - Whether you are an Android fan, a collector, or merely intrigued, the Mobile World Congress Android pins are back and are sending attendees at the trade show in Barcelona into a giddy frenzy.

As Google famously did in 2011, the company has released collectable pin badges for attendees at the show to collect. And there are even more this time: 124 to be exact.

The badges have been dotted around the conference on different manufacturers' stands and are designed to encourage people to go on a treasure hunt in an attempt to find the one they want.

That was the original plan anyway. The badges proved so popular that after day one many of the stands which had their own original designs are now just stocking any they can get their hands on.

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"There's a black market for these things already," one conference attendee told Pocket-lint as he pleaded with a receptionist on one stand to give him a badge for his collection.

Unlike the 2011 batch, this year's offering ties in with the company's "be together. not the same" campaign and features a number of characters from all walks of life that have been "Androidfied".

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That includes vikings, Issac Newton, a local butcher, Buddha, tennis players and all manner of other characters.

If you are at the show and you're trying to collect them all, you'll have a tough job on your hands, many have run out already. That's why we've photographed them and posted them in a gallery above. At least you'll be able to see the ones you missed.

Writing by Stuart Miles.